The mission of the Institute is to develop and train students and prepare them for entry level positions and careers in the beauty business. This is accomplished by offering students theoretical and practical training, preparing them for the State Licensing Examination, and providing them with basic knowledge and skills in the program of their choice.


The Institute’s philosophy is that it has a responsibility to both the students and the community.  The goal is to prepare our students for a successful career in the beauty business.  We teach our students that a career in the beauty field requires good fundamental training and skill development, having a good work ethic and a determination to succeed, and wanting to provide a service to the community.  Our staff helps the students in all of these areas.  Before prospective students are admitted to the Institute, we make sure that they want to be in the beauty business and can benefit from our training programs.  Students are expected to have a good work ethic, and are counseled and motivated to realize their full potential.

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