Tuition & Fees-Lakeforest Campus

TUITION AND FEES-Lakeforest Campus

(New Students)

Cosmetology Program

Registration fee                                                            $    100

Training Aids                                                                $    1,500
(iPad, Books, Training Kit, & Uniforms )
Tuition                                                                           $15,000

Cosmetology Program Total                            $16,600


Esthetician Program

Registration fee                                                            $100

Training Aids                                                                $1,200
(iPad, Books, Dermalogica Kit, & Uniforms )

Tuition                                                                         $ 8,400

Esthetician Program Total                              $9,700


Nail Technician Program

Registration fee                                                            $ 100

Training Aids                                                                $ 400
(Books, Training Kit, & Uniforms)
Tuition                                                                         $2,500

Nail Technician Program Total                     $3,000


NOTE: The purchase of training aids, training kits, supplies, and text books from the school is optional; students may purchase these items in the open market if they so desire.


Transfer Students

                                                     Registration fee       Hourly Rate

Cosmetology Program                        $ 100                $ 10.00

Esthetician Pprogram                        $ 100                 $ 14.00

Nail Technician Program                   $ 100                 $ 10.00

These fees cover the registration fee and tuition only; they do not include training aids (books, supplies or school uniform).


Hourly Fees for Students Who Re-Enroll:

Cosmetology Program                                    $10.00/Hour

Esthetician Program                                    $14.00/Hour

Nail Technician Program                        $10.00/Hour

Additional Copies of Transcripts             $ 3.00/Transcript

(First transcript is issued free of charge)

Reinstatement Fee                                    $ 50.00