Esthetician Program Objectives

The esthetician program is designed to prepare students for the esthetician license examination, and to develop student’s knowledge and skills for an entry level position in the aesthetics and skin-care market.

Esthetician Program Length and Description

This is a six hundred (600) hour program. It covers facials and skin-care treatments, makeup, waxing, and information about skin-care products and equipment. The program provides instruction and hands-on practical experience, including lectures, demonstrations, handouts/assignment sheets, question/answer, quizzes and tests, and practice on live models and clients.

The esthetician program may be completed in twenty five (25) to thirty eight (38) weeks. The actual length of the program depends on the schedule chosen and specified in the student’s contract.

Esthetician Curriculum

The esthetician curriculum will include theory instruction and demonstration (about 275 hours), and clinical practice (about 325 hours).